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Let’s be realistic. What does eHealth bring to Lucie’s cancer-treatment journey?

June 28, 202314:00 - 14:50Auditorium


in partnership with GraDes e-santé Occitanie

Lucie’s journey, from a routine consultation with her GP to her return home after colorectal cancer, provides a practical illustration of the usefulness and difficulties of using digital health services. Healthcare professionals and patients will take us through the process step by step, relating their experiences based on specific needs such as accessing the history of care and particularly the patient’s medical imaging history, exchanging information, coordinating treatments, or finding a previous prescription and choosing a therapeutic education app.

For health professionals, as for Lucie, eHealth is not so easy! They are not alone in a desert, between oases and mirages, but are facing the reality of their daily environment, in Occitania.

Workshop with video testimonies from

  • Dr Julie MALLOIZEL and Karine FAUCHER, Vascular Medicine Unit, Toulouse University Hospital
  • Maëlle GASQUEZ, ICM and a doctor from Toulouse University Hospital


Séverine Thibault Intervenante Université de la e-Santé 2023

Thibault Séverine

Project Manager, DSR-C Onco-Occitanie
Avatar Université de la e-Santé 2023

BANO Delphine

Engineer specialising in e-health, GRADeS e-santé Occitanie
alexandra nicou Intervenante Université de la e-Santé 2023

NICOU Alexandra

Project manager, GRADeS e-santé Occitanie
Gwenola Verrier Intervenante Université de la e-Santé 2023


Project manager at GRADeS e-santé Occitanie
Julie Durand Intervenante Université de la e-Santé 2023


Director of GRADeS e-santé Occitanie


  • June 27, 2023
  • 14h00 - 15h50
  • Auditorium

Full program

of the 17th eHealth University