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Sextech for a sexuality accessible to all

June 27, 202315:45 - 16:15Great Hall

The Keynotes of eHealth University

Often considered to be limited to the sextoy industry, SexTech in fact refers to a much broader sector that addresses the issues of pleasure, education and sexual health.

A sector of humanistic innovation that is interested in the well-being and fulfilment of all, regardless of gender, age or orientation. A sector with a societal impact that is helping remove the taboos around sexuality. A sector that we propose to examine in a very down to earth way through its products and services.


Christel Bony Intervenante Université de la e-Santé 2023

Bony Christel

President SexTech For Good


  • June 27, 2023
  • 15h45 - 16h15
  • Great Hall

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