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The organizer

Castres-Mazamet Technopole is the innovation support structure for the economic development of the region. It has been the initiator and organizer of the eHealth University for 18 years.

Castres-Mazamet Technopole BIC develops expertise and supports innovation in the areas of digital technology, fine chemicals and healthcare with a strong specialization in eHealth.

Its engineering expertise aims to facilitate the interface between Research, Training and Business, to support Innovation and to help companies at every stage, from incubation and creation to development in the region.

3 missions:

  • Lead and make available technological, scientific and economic expertise
  • Support innovation, helping new and developing businesses
  • Promote the region and attract new companies

It is for: 

  • Innovative project initiatives (industry, startups, researchers, universities, students,…)
  • Innovative companies and laboratories
  • Stakeholders involved in economic, scientific and technological development.

Working together to build the innovation of the future in our region has been our mission since 2005. This is combined with a real commitment to sharing all our skills and know-how with you, whether you are a student, designer, entrepreneur or researcher. We aim both to help you make your innovative project a reality and to promote it.

As a highly committed, people-focused team, we are at your side and give our utmost to provide you with the tailor-made support you need to create and develop your business. The main objective of what we do is always to ensure your success, helping your project progress and bringing it to fruition!

Our organization was created thanks to 4 founding members as well as our membership of the French Innovation Network RETIS, and its European partner EBN (European Business Network). Today, we are a Technopole with a major impact, both in our region and in national innovation networks! And our high quality of service and support has enabled us to renew our certification so that we can continue implementing this approach for the next 7 years.

The Technopole offers support to project leaders to help them formalize and secure their project prior to creation, through individualized coaching and a training cycle, as well as to companies wishing to develop all their dimensions (R&D, financial engineering, marketing, etc.). A full range of technical, legal and financial tools is offered to entrepreneurs through individual coaching, training, expert input and networking: project design, analysis of the project’s economic environment, drawing up a business plan, marketing plan, commercial offer, search for financing.

Our promise? To do everything possible to accompany you in the launch of your project. We support you financially and personally, to forge the most relevant partnerships for your activities, to offer you an expanded and quality network, a pleasant environment and adapted infrastructures. Because innovating here means moving forward together!

A team at your service

Virginia Doan - Direction Générale de l’Université de la e-Santé Directrice Castres-Mazamet Technopole
Virginia Doan
Directrice Castres-Mazamet Technopole et Direction Générale de l’Université de la e-Santé
Yann Peter - Responsable des Trophées de la e-Santé Responsable Innovation & Développement des entreprises Castres-Mazamet Technopole
Peter Yann
Responsible for the e-Health Awards
Yann Ferrari - Responsable de la programmation et des partenariats de l’Université de la e-Sante
Ferrari Yann
Head of Programming and Partnerships
Clement Chacon - Responsable de l’Exposition et des Relations Startups de l’Université de la e-Santé
Chacon Clément
Head of Exhibition and Startup Relations
Marlene Fabre - Suivi administratif et comptable de l’Université de la e-Santé
Fabre Marlène
Administrative and accounting monitoring

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