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Remy Teston Intervenant Université de la e-Santé de Castres 2023


digital Expert, e-health Speaker


Interventions in sessions


As a consultant in digital transformation and strategy, Rémy has been fully involved in eHealth since 2010 with the management of the BUZZ E-SANTE website, which has become a reference point in the sector and has made Rémy a recognized eHealth influencer in France. He is co-founder and moderator of several think tanks: Club Digital Santé and Club Digital Pharma.

A trainer and speaker, he provides support to healthcare players by helping healthcare teams and professionals adapt to digital health and ease through their digital transformation.

Rémy has acquired extensive knowledge and expertise in the digital transformation of businesses, digital health marketing, and digital communication and media, over more than 12 years working on digital projects in the pharmaceutical industry (Sanofi, Pfizer, GSK). He has launched numerous digital projects (website, mobile applications, social networks, media campaigns, chatbots…) for patients and healthcare professionals.

  • Vice-President of the Digital & Business #Health MBA at EFAP
  • Vice-President of the board of the University of Medical and Digital Deserts