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Sam Shah Intervenant Université de la e-Santé 2023

Dr Sam Shah

Director of Medical Strategy at Numan


Interventions in sessions

June 27, 202310:30 - 12:30


Dr Sam Shah is not only highly gifted but is also particularly appreciated for his friendliness. As former digital director of NHS England, he drove the implementation of large-scale eHealth services such as Babylon or Teladoc. Above all, his global view of what is happening in the field of digital health is both perceptive and critical, since he acts as a consultant on this subject in many countries (Europe, Middle East or Asia).

This ability to compare what is happening elsewhere, to know the most recent trends in the sector and to keep abreast of the future actions of the major players, enables us to benefit from his unique overview of the sector during his speeches at the eHealth University.

His talk on the theme “eHealth: mirage or oasis for the health system?” is eagerly awaited and will provide us with profound insight, complementary to the various views of the other speakers.

Moreover, as he told us during the preparation sessions “I love your theme, it’s brilliant, it’s gonna be a lot of fun talking and there are so many things to say”.

Dr Sam Shah also supports entrepreneurs! Thus, he assisted several companies he met at the eHealth University in 2021. In particular, Siview, whose solution he promoted in the UK by helping them identify and meet some high-quality partners, which saved the teams valuable time in their development roadmap.