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Eirini Rapti Intervenante Université de la e-Santé 2023

Eirini Rapti

Founder of INNE


Interventions in sessions


Eirini started inne in 2017 motivated by her own desire to use natural contraception, but realised that traditional natural fertility methods were almost impossible to use reliably in real life. She was determined to find a way of leveraging technology to enable all women to have a greater understanding of their bodies and take control of their contraceptive choices, so that they could make the most of their careers and relationships. Eirini set about developing a saliva biosensor device that enables women to identify and predict the fertile phase in their natural cycle. Based on her own experience and through multiple user interviews, Eirini understood that a new product had to be compatible with a busy daily life, simple and hygienic to use, and more insightful than the period-tracking apps already on the market.

Quote about the industry:

“Ovulation is not a disease, whereas the lack of ovulation may very well be a sign of one. And yet, for the past 60 years all innovation in the contraceptive industry has been about improving drugs to ‘treat’ ovulation by suppressing it.”