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Marie-Noelle Cufi Intervenante Université de la e-Santé de Castres 2023

Dr Marie-Noëlle Cufi

Chair of the Medical Committee (CME), Head of the Medicine Unit, Chair of the Research Committee, and a medical expert registered on the list of the Prosecutor’s Office at the High Court (TGI) of Castres – Intercommunal Hospital Centre of Castres-Mazamet


Interventions in sessions


Doctor Marie-Noëlle Cufi is a geriatrician and president of the Medical Review Board of the Castres-Mazamet Hospital. She is responsible for the Tarn Geriatric Care Network and has been involved in large-scale projects. She assists with the deployment and development of numerous digital tools and services for older people. Dr. Marie-Noëlle Cufi has been a scientific advisor to the eHealth University for the past three years and is our expert on the challenges of eHealth in the medico-social field.