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Arthur Dauphin Intervenant Université de la e-Santé 2023

Arthur Dauphin

Digital Project Manager, France Assos Santé


Interventions in sessions

June 27, 202310:30 - 12:30


Arthur Dauphin is a Doctor of Pharmacology with a degree from Paris Cité University and is committed to providing support for chronic and multi-medicated patients. Convinced that the relationship between patients and professionals is the key to better individual care and to improving the health system, he joined EHESP (France’s leading public health training institution) in 2020. As an extension of his voluntary activities (user representation and educational outreach), he joined France Assos Santé, the union of health user associations in 2021. He is responsible for advocacy on digital health issues, with the aim of making more and more digital services available to patients, participating in the creation of a citizen-level culture of health data, and supporting users in their digital activities and their corresponding rights.